More Sustainable Holidays and Destinations with Guide Me Green

Guide Me Green is a truly innovative project that focuses on a target group, which has so far been largely neglected: Travellers with a limited budget. They have been mostly overlooked as consumers of sustainable tourism experiences, due to the common misconception that a sustainable holiday is necessarily expensive.

We at Guide Me Green want to dispel this myth and show how sustainable tourism is actually for all budgets!


The Online training on sustainable tourism for all budgets developed within the Erasmus+ Guide Me Green project will be available online from 15 September 2023.

Who the training is aimed at:


  1. Tourism professionals: the course will enable you to design sustainable holidays that appeal to a broad consumer segment. Especially those who have so far been overlooked as green holidaymakers.
  2. Tourism lovers: You will learn more about the importance of sustainable tourism and get new ideas, knowledge and tools to organise a truly green holiday on a reasonable budget.
  3. Educators and trainers in the tourism field: with this training you will receive tools and
    ideas to bring a wider segment of learners closer to the topic of sustainable tourism. The
    will also be available for you to use the Guide Me Green materials in handbook for educators your lessons.

The training will be in e-learning format: you can proceed at your own pace. The content is
enriched with infographics, videos and interactive activities.

If you complete the Course, you will receive the
Guide Me Green Training Course certification. 

Participation is free of charge!



Module 1: The Goals and the importance of sustainable tourism
The goals and importance of sustainable tourism is a first step for people to learn more about the fundamentals of sustainable tourism. Why has sustainable tourism become a popular demand over the years? How does tourism, an important industry making negative impacts to the environment and the locals? The module is complemented by a deep dive for professionals on the subject of destination management.

Module 2: Types of sustainable tourism
In module 2, you will learn about the different types of sustainable tourism and you will look at some examples. You will get to know the variety of sustainable options to choose from so that you can always opt for the one that best fits your interests and needs. Furthermore, you will learn how to recognize greenwashing. Professionals will learn how to advertise in order to attract responsible travelers to your sustainable destination.

Module 3: How to create a sustainable travel itinerary
Module 3 will teach you how to create a sustainable travel itinerary, taking you through the various stages of planning and realising a sustainable trip. For each stage there is a general section and a deep dive for professionals.

Module 4: Sustainable travel for disadvantaged adults
Module 4 focuses on tourists who normally face difficulties in organising holidays, such as people with disabilities, chronic illnesses or single parents. The module is aimed at tour operators, as well as people who accompany this target group on their trips, to guide them in organising a sustainable holiday. 

Module 5: Green hospitality management through the eyes of sustainable tourism
Are you curious about the sustainable practices implemented in the hospitality industry? Ever wondered how your accommodation or restaurant can truly be sustainable? This module dives deep into the world of eco trends in the hospitality sector and sheds light on how the industry collaborates with tour operators and travel agents to promote green practices.

Module 6: How to travel on a tight budget
This module will show you that sustainability is for all pockets. We will accompany you every step of the way when planning your sustainable holiday, with tips and ideas for your low-budget green holiday!

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Project Number 2021-1-DE02-KA220-ADU-000035124