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Travelling by train around Europe: greener, cheaper, further!

Under the influence of the covid-19 new traveling trends are emerging. Among the new travel habits slow travel is with no doubt on of the favorite ones, as it enables tourist to relax and cherish and embrace the local culture more than mass tourism destinations allow. One of the most beloved means of transport when it comes to slow travel is indeed travelling by rail.

Why should you choose to travel by train?

There are many reasons train can be a great mean of transportation when you travel, here are some.

Your environmental impact

When travelling, the choice of means of transport has an important impact on the environment, as transport is the activity that contributes most to greenhouse gas emissions. Choosing the train allows you to travel eco-friendly as it emits up to 50 times less CO2e than the car and 80 times less than the plane.

Taking the train can be timesaving

No doubt that planes can be faster to move around, however if you start considering the waiting times, that you have to show up to the airport hours in advance and that the airports are usually far from reach you might reconsider the benefits or just showing up at the train station shortly before the departure. You might be surprised to realize that on balance travelling by train can actually be quicker.

You can also save money

Plane tickets are not always cheaper than the train ones. In comparison to a low-cost flying company, no extra costs are foreseen. For instance, you can bring as many luggages as you need to (and can) carry and there are no liquid restraints. Furthermore, reaching the train stations is usually more affordable than getting to the airports that are usually further away from the city. Train companies usually also offer more discounts from young travelers and offer more flexibility when it comes to changing the travel schedules. Therefore, you may want to recalculate how much you are actually saving on that cheap flight (and honestly, leg space comes at no cost!).

How do I plan my trip by train?

Either you can decide to reach your holiday destination by train or you could embrace rail-travelling and decide to backpack around Europe with an Interrail ticket!
One ticket gives access to trains and ferries in 33 countries, and allows you to travel alone or in groups. What's more, the money saved on travel can be spent on local businesses - that is sustainable tourism. Interrail offers reduced fares to young people until 27 and elderly above 60, furthermore kids between 4 and 11 can travel for free. The program also offers different fares depending on how many days you want to travel and for how long. The pass also provides travelers with additional discounts on their way. Furthermore, the lucky travelers who recently turned 18 and are EU residents can apply to the DiscoverEU Erasmus+ program and get the chance to win a ticket for free!

Where should you go?

If you are keen on the idea to book an interrail ticket, your options are almost unlimited. If you feel creative and prefer to custom organize your trip you can use interrrail-planning websites such as Interrail planner or get inspired by the interrail website that suggests a few popular routes including a trip around Europe’s cheapest cities if you budget is a bit tight!

Still need more ideas?

If you would like to do a rail trip but still do not want to commit to such a long travel, no need to worry! The Guide Me Green Team selected 5 unforgettable railway experiences across Europe:

Would you like to learn more about Interrail and train travelling? Are you interested in alternative means of transportation? Then you should go and check the Guide Me Green Manual on Good Practices!
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