Guide me green

Promoting environmentally and budget-friendly tourism

First step towards becoming a sustainable traveller!

After COVID-19, the tourism market is demanding a more sustainable option. The tourists are finding new ways to travel, wanting the travel experience to be more environmentally friendly and having more meaningful and profound memories. For a long time, sustainable tourism has been perceived as more of a high-end option, hence travellers on a lower budget often just give up on the idea of travel sustainably. However, this is not the case, and travellers on a budget can definitely travel sustainably as well, without compromising the travel experience but in fact, enhance the travel experience.

Guide Me Green project is here to debunk the myths and misconceptions of sustainable travel: Sustainable tourism is for everyone!

For this reason, the Guide Me Green project created the booklet which is a collection of Good Practices for travelling sustainably and now the project has created an online training course and also the Handbook for educators. The training course is in 6 modules:

  1. The Goals and the Importance of Sustainable Tourism
  2. Types of Sustainable Tourism
  3. How to Create a Sustainable Travel Itinerary
  4. Sustainable Travel for Disadvantaged Adults
  5. Green Hospitality Management Through The Eyes of A Sustainable Tourism
  6. How to Travel On a Tight Budget

Let’s take a look at the first module: The Goals and the Importance of Sustainable Tourism!

The first module provides an introduction to sustainable tourism. The module started off with the history of tourism, and goes on presenting the goals, definition, and credible resources for information on sustainable tourism. The module also touched on some great examples of travel sustainably and also the most common negative impacts and misconceptions people have. Last but not least, the SDGs are also presented, how the tourism industry is able to contribute to sustainable tourism.

Module one is the first step to dive deep into this important topic. After knowing the basics of it, you will be ready to learn more about the practical sides, and start implementing the green concept into your journey! Start your green journey together with Guide Me Green!