Guide me green

Promoting environmentally and budget-friendly tourism

Discover the different types of sustainable tourism!

Sustainable, green, slow, soft, eco-friendly, equitable, rural tourism and much more… There are so many ways to practise sustainable tourism!

Sometimes these may be used as synonyms but at other times they may indicate different types of activities and concepts. Therefore, it can become hard and confusing to detect the different nuances of sustainable tourism, especially when firms start using these terms in a misleading way by  practising  so-called “greenwashing”.

In this module, you will learn about the different types of sustainable tourism and you will look at some examples. The goal is for you to get to know the variety of sustainable options to choose from so that you can always opt for the one that best fits your interests and needs.

Furthermore, you will learn how to recognise greenwashing.

Are you a tourism professional? There is a deep dive for you at the end of the module: how to advertise in order to attract responsible travellers to your sustainable destination.

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The course materials will be available from September 15 th 2023