Guide me green

Promoting environmentally and budget-friendly tourism

Final Transnational Partner Meeting in Lille

The meeting served as a pivotal moment as we wrapped up the Guide Me Green European project with enthusiasm and determination. We participated in a comprehensive discussion on project management strategies and the final report, encapsulating our collective efforts and achievements. All partners engaged in a thorough review of our deliverables, including the website and various PR materials (PR1/PR2/PR3), ensuring they align seamlessly with our project objectives and standards. During a collaborative session, partners discussed and strategised the resolution of any remaining tasks, ensuring the project concludes on a high note of completion and satisfaction. A critical aspect of our project, dissemination strategies and the impact of our efforts were evaluated and refined by all partners, underscoring our commitment to reaching wider audiences and maximising our influence. With an eye towards the future, partners engaged in a debrief session, reflecting on our journey thus far and planning for exciting Multiplier Events to amplify our project's impact in the coming months! To end on a culinary note, our traditional dinner at Estaminet Au Vieux de la Vielle provided an excellent opportunity for partners to bond and celebrate our achievements together.