Guide me green

Promoting environmentally and budget-friendly tourism

Promoting sustainable tourism on a budget!

After the COVID-19 crisis the importance of sustainable traveling became ever more relevant and crucial. The EU co-funded project Guide me Green aims at inspiring people to travel green, and more importantly, on a budget! Many perceive sustainable traveling an activity luxurious and inaccessible for the ones who are on a more disadvantaged spectrum. Whether that is low income groups, disabled people, big families, or young students/ professionals, Guide me Green is making links between the needs of tourists from all backgrounds and local communities for more adequate sustainable travel: Guiding everyone green!

The project focused on Adult educators, hoping to enlighten the adult travelers to travel in a more environmentally-respectful way with a low budget. The first material the Guide Me Green project had created is the Manual on Good Practices and Framework!

Guide Me Green Manual on Good Practices

The professionals identified 85 good practices of sustainable tourism experiences targeted at disadvantaged populations around the world, with a special focus in Europe. The 85 good practices are mapped and reconstructed more coherently and clearly for the readers- Adult Educators and Trainers; Public Authorities and Policy Makers; Tourism Professionals; and last but not least, the General Public. The Guidebook is divided into 4 chapters for the 4 target groups:

  • Chapter 1 - Adult Educators and Trainers
  • In chapter 1, Adult Educators and Trainers are able to find Good Practices, which can be adapted to different local and national contexts, focusing on different categories- Hospitality; Cultural offers; Tourism trends; Destination; Accessibility; Education; and Other, to educate and encourage the uptake of sustainable travel!

  • Chapter 2 - Public authorities and policy makers
  • The Guidebook gathers Good Practices that with their implementation and uptake by local and regional tourism stakeholders can contribute to the sustainable development of the region/ country. Public authorities and policy makers are able to find the good practices in chapter 2.

  • Chapter 3 - Tourism professionals
  • The variety of Good Practices covers innovative ideas for tourism professionals/ business to replicate, boosting the tourism service into a more sustainable and responsible one.

  • Chapter 4 - General public
  • The ultimate goal of the Guide Me Green Project is to boost the awareness of low-budget travelers the sustainable traveling concept. There are many ways for low budget travelers to plan their trips and make them more memorable, meaningful, and sustainable.

    If you are triggered by the Guide Me Green’s green mission, then check out the Guide Me Green Manual on Good Practices booklet