Promoting environmentally and budget-friendly tourism


The Covid-19 crisis has brought significant changes in mobility, consumption patterns, leisure, work, and many other dimensions of our lives. These changes have/will have a significant impact on travel and tourism as we used to know them. As a result of the considerable drop in travel linked to the Covid-19 pandemic, tourism is in a deep crisis. Being central to the European recovery, to recover it needs smart (digital, sustainable) ecosystems for all tourism stakeholders offering travellers more memorable and sustainable experiences.

Guide me Green aims at making links between the needs of tourists from all backgrounds and local communities for more adequate sustainable travel.

At the same time, the project will approach travellers from an educational perspective to enlighten them to travel in a sustainable way by displaying best practices and offering an adapted and high-quality TRAINING PROGRAMME

Project 2021-1-DE02-KA220-ADU-000035124

Guide me Green main goals are:

and empowering low-income and disadvantaged adults to engage in sustainable tourism to encourage social cohesion. 

to empower individuals/organisations in the educational, civil, and tourism sectors to become more digital and green in line with this priority of the EU of climate neutrality in 2050 (European Tourism Convention 2020, European Green Deal) 

towards improving travellers’ (adult learners) knowledge about sustainable travel and the opportunities sustainable tourism offers is essential

an attractive training opportunity for adult travellers, including those who work in the tourism sector (low educated workers who in turn are low-budget travellers)

to gain access to sustainable tourism by empowering community agents to inspire actions targeting public authorities, destination management/tourism offices, sector representations, etc.

non-participating adults to consider suitable (local and domestic) tourism options.


February 2022
kick-off meeting in Germany

The team met for the first time in Leipzig, Germany for the Kick-off meeting.The partners got to know each other and discuss the initial organisational issues of the project.

July 2022
Manual of Good Practices

The team published the first version of a booklet with over 80 great examples of sustainable travel for people traveling on a tight budget!! Here you can get inspired by the best examples of sustainable and affordable travel in Europe and around the world.

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July 2022

The team met up for the second time in Zadar, Croatia.

This was a chance to discuss the progresses made so far and to identify new inputs and goals to implement the next steps in the best way possible.

September 2022
Manual of Good practices in partner languages

By September 2022, partners made available the Manual of Good Practices  in French, Spanish, German, Italian and Croatian, including adapted information for each of the countries and languages!

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January 2023

In February 2023 the partners of the Guide me Green project organized in Reus the third transnational meeting. During the meeting they discussed the next steps needed to be taken to complete the project result number two which consists in creating an online training programme and a handbook.

June 2023
Pilots of the training programme in partner countries

The first version of the  training programme for adult educators on how to convey tourism sustainable practices was launched! 

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August 2023
Launch of the online training programme

Adult educators and tourism experts were able to sign up online for the Guide Me Green`s training course and get their certificates.

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September 2023 - February 2024

Partners organised a series of international and national webinars on sustainable tourism and promotion of the territories. All were live streamed and are now available on our website and on Youtube!  

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September 2023

The partners met in Italy for the fourth time for a follow up on the project. They planned the work to do over the last months of the project with a special focus on the webinars to be organised.

February 2024
Publication of Manifesto and Policy Recommendations
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April 2024
Fifth Transnational Meeting

In April 2024, partners gathered for the last time in Lille, France for a final consortium meeting. They had the opportunity to discuss how they plan to maximise project impact and build upon the results achieved.